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OTA Rumored Floating around for Nexus One

A few sources are reporting a recent OTA  for their Nexus One with what looks like build FRF72. At least that’s what this picture is showing us above. Its not like Google hasn’t done this in the past. Google released a beta versions of Froyo Build FRF50 was released after Google I/O last month. So it could be a update, or maybe a change log , or some minor changes for flash support.

Who knows, all rumors come with some truth in it. But I am still skeptical since the photo could easily be faked with Photoshop. On the other hand a Google employee did twitter something about getting an update. So I guess we  will all have to just wait and see if this is a  hoax, or the read deal?

source via androidspin

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Posted by on June 12, 2010 in "What's New", Mobile News


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Nexus One Has 720p HD video Thanks To XDA-Developers Hack.

The guys over at xda-developers just keeps on proving that rooting your phone is the only way to get the full potential out of your phone with CyanogenMod version 5.0.8test3. Now out of the box your not able to record video at 720p. But if you rooted your Nexus One you can have 720p resolution recording . As of right now it has some bugs to workout , but this is truly awesome hack which allows HD recording for this device.

Here are some samples;


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