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Best Buy employee fired over iPhone vs HTC EVO video

So Bravo to Brian Maupin, a 25-year-old based in Kansas City, Missouri for making this video. He was the Best Buy employee that  lost his job according to the guys over at Tech Crunch. Tech Crunch state that someone at Best Buy corporate saw this video, then found out that it was an employee at one of their stores and caned him. Now I don’t know if  they should have the right to fire him over this over this video. A side from the few F-bombs being dropped though out the video. There is nothing that mentions anything or ties Best Buy to this video. Making this video very controversial for Best Buy PR. you can read the whole story here.

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Sprint’s 4g WiMAX vs. T-mobile’s 3g HSPA+ Who is Faster?

Today everyone is talking about AT&T’s iPhone 4 and America’s first 4g smart-phone the EVO that’s only available by Sprint.

What comes to mind when you think about the EVO? It’s large screen size and 4g speed capability. Now you would think that 4g is better than 3g but, according to a detailed article by the guys over at Phonescoop that’s not really the case.

I did my own little test to see what speeds I would get on my phone. Believe it or not Phonescoop was right. I got the same speeds they got. If you want to do your own test you can download an App called from the Android market or from the Apple App store.

Source via Phonescoop

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iPhone Gaming Might Be The Next Big Thing In Mobile Gaming.

The iPhone 4 is expected to come out next month and everyone in the industry is pretty excited about all the new features that this new iPhone has to offer. One of those features is the new Gyroscope which promises to bring more precise motion sensing for the device. Kotaku contacted a few gaming companies and here’s what they think of the new offering.

Sega said they where are excited about the “new range of possibilities” made by the Gyroscope, 2XL Supercross developer 2XL Games, said. “Now that we know the heading, pitch and roll of the phone, we can create several augmented reality apps that can provide guidance and information in very intuitive and user friendly ways,” president Rick Baltman. You can read the holdpost [via Kotaku].

The only thing I am excited about is all the crazy Nintendo Wii like accidents stories that we all heard about when the Wii first came out. I know its bad. But i just can help but think and see some one playing a game on a New York subway and swing their hands left and right all over the place. Looking like a fish out of water and accidentally hitting someone sitting next to you. So what do you think? am I wrong!? If I am , I’am sorry, but i just think having a Gyroscope on a phone is really pushing it.


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Nexus One Has 720p HD video Thanks To XDA-Developers Hack.

The guys over at xda-developers just keeps on proving that rooting your phone is the only way to get the full potential out of your phone with CyanogenMod version 5.0.8test3. Now out of the box your not able to record video at 720p. But if you rooted your Nexus One you can have 720p resolution recording . As of right now it has some bugs to workout , but this is truly awesome hack which allows HD recording for this device.

Here are some samples;


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Steve Job Epic Wifi Fail at WWDC10 Keynote Video

Now even though Steve was unable to get his keynote working right; he handled it like a pro and everyone there at the convention project  no worries towards Steve while the mishap was happing (Or maybe because most of them are sheep and Jobs is like a God to many them.) The only thing I worry about is Jobs going into the back after the Keynote and  cutting heads off after that demo flopped.

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