Is This Sony Ericsson New Play?

05 Jun

The guys over at Engadget just posted news about Sony’s new mobile device. To leak some mobile news like this just might be perfect timing. What we have here is supposedly a Sony Ericsson smartphone, which is reported to have a five-inch screen with a slide-out keyboard similar  to HTC Shift or HD Touch Pro.

The word is this is a prototype. So take this news with a grain of salt, but the tipster of this rumor says that this is running on Android 2.1 and that Sony just started working on this project.

We can only hope they are dropping the X10 Time-scape UI and stick with the Android’s Os Vanilla UI which can be upgradeable later on to even better New Froyo 2.2 UI. Not that I hate time-scape UI I’am becoming tired of the Fragmentation in Android Os. Some examples below…

Sony Android Remix;

Google Nexus One Running Froyo 2.2;

Sony just give us  the PSP Phone already. Well all know you want to, Sony. We already saw this with the Satio.

Sony already has the ecosystem in place. With its own line of Vaio PC’s, MediaGo Desktop Software , the PlayStation 3 with PSN  Network already set up for it.

Even if its not the PSP Phone . They have the ecosystem and resources to really make a killer phone.

What are your thoughts on this? do you think Sony has what it takes to take on Apple and HTC? Let us know.

Source via:Engadget

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Posted by on June 5, 2010 in "What's New", Mobile News


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